Our prices are very affordable and flexible. We focus on building long term relationships with our clients and offer variety of discounts. We beat our competitors by charging for most types of the cases $40 – $60. If you happen to find a cheaper price we will beat it.

Process Serving

 BrooklynQueensLong IslandBronxStaten Island
Landlord & Tenant$75$85$120$115$85
Family Court$80$90$115$110$80
Summons & Complaint$80$90$115$110$80
Matrimonial's, Family Court and Order to Show Cause$100$100$100$100$100
Pickup of process server orders$25$25$25$25$25
In hand service required$90$90$90$90$90
Rush/Expedited Services+ $100+ $100+ $100+ $100+ $100


Other Services

No Fault1st summons to the same company - $25, the rest $10
Appeals$7 (minimum of 10)
Judgements$5 + costs (minimum of 10)
Notice of Trial$25 + costs (minimum of 3)
Motions$5 (minimum of 10)
DMV Records Retrieval$60